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COVID-19 is putting constrains to travelling. Many tourist destinations are impacted and dancers are losing jobs. In many cases, subsidies are not available for them.GESREC is hoping to support such dancers and precious traditional dance. Those were inherited over several generations.In order for us to raise awareness of such situations, we are executing

-       Pay What You Wish (PWYW) process letting users decide how much to pay

 (We are setting 0.5 USD as minimum due to card processing fee)

-       Publish the model in 3D viewer which were only available for those who purchasedWith this project, we would like to also welcome those who may not use 3D motion but wish to support Asha Separa for her great work.

Asha Sapera

Asha Sapera

Asha Sapera is a top dancer who inherits and performs the traditional dance "Carberiya Dance" as a gypsy dancer in Rajasthan, India.In Rajasthan, Asha's clan has been snake charmers for a long time, and it is also famous for the movement of snake motifs in the dance.Since the enactment of the Wildlife Act of 1972, the snake charmer has been forced out of work, but the singing and dancing performances have been inherited as the Carberiya identity and were registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010.